Year: 2020

How to manage a lead?

You already noticed that lead management demands a lot of attention and work, right?

Due to the number of details involved and working with different profiles, which require specific strategies, your keyword must be organization. 

In short: a sequence of actions planned for the proper management of the leads in your business.

Integrate leads into your business culture

Unless you are the only one in the business, it is necessary that the understanding and knowledge about the leads be assimilated by all who will get involved in the tasks. 

Explain the concept, ensure that everyone understands its importance, defines goals, individual and collective actions.

And so, together, as a team, they will be able to overcome all the stages of attracting leads and selling. 

Don’t put technology aside.

Abandon any form of manual control, especially on paper. 

That little list, where you write down customer data, is useless in lead management. 

You need a CRM solution, which stands for Customer Relationship Management. 

This tool allows you to automate many of the tasks necessary to manage leads. 

Encourage what works

With the information in your hands about your leads’ preferences and interests, keep investing in marketing in the channels where they like to be. 

It also offers them relevant content, taking into account their tastes and how they prefer to receive it.

Quick interaction

Never lose a single interaction effort from your lead. 

If he contacted you on any platform, commented on social networks, or asked you to include him in the newsletter, do it quickly. 

Quick attention conveys security is important to you. 

Spend time with leads

A mistake made by beginners is to forget about leads as soon as they are captured.

Understand that you have completed one of the most difficult stages from the moment you have contact with a lead. 

Leads need “honey.” Take care of them and feed them, followed by valuable information. 

Measure your results

Like everything else in the digital marketing universe, it is essential to check if your actions are working or not. 

If necessary, you will have subsidies to adapt your strategies. 

Do not forget to calculate the Return on Investment, the Cost of Customer Acquisition, the Conversion Rate, among other metrics. 

The importance of the quality of a lead

Similarly, a visitor alone does not mean anything in terms of practical results; the existence of a lead is justified by the expectation of turning it into a customer. 

Therefore, having a giant lead base is not necessarily an advantage for your business. 

Your competition may have 10 times less, but it manages them better.

After capturing leads, their qualification is an essential stage of your strategy. 

Look at the figure of the sales funnel to better understand the idea.

If you don’t remove barriers to entry, instigating your leads to advance to the next level, the base will never be populated. 

And it is this that is waiting for your effective clients. 

It is not difficult to repeat: your strategy needs to separate the leads and give them the appropriate treatment in their due time and situation.

The group with the greatest tendency towards conversion deserves your attention, and of course, without neglecting others. 

If you are more concerned with quantity than quality, you show that you have not yet understood what a lead is. 

There is no single recipe for success, but of course, it helps a lot to deliver content in the exact measure, without drowning the lead in a sea of ​​meaningless messages. 

Every lead is an opportunity. Don’t lose sight of it. 

How To Optimize My Site And Improve My SEO

Some criteria are essential when it comes to improving the SEO of your site. I’m going to talk to you now about optimizing your site to get a better search ranking. 

Keywords are essential

For example, when someone types the word SEO in the search field, the engine crawls this term all over the internet and refines the results to show the related pages. 

Then when you build your site or produce content, always keep one keyword in mind. This will serve to guide the searches.  

When choosing the term, try to think about your main focus and your audience.

There is no use creating good content or site and choosing a keyword if it is not about what people want to know.

The title is one of the most important factors in SEO

The title, or <title>, most used in the programming language, is the heading of a page, that is, the text that appears when you put the mouse arrow on a tab. 

The title appears on search pages, the blue text that you click on when you access a certain page.

Despite seeming simple, it is considered one of the most important factors in optimization. 

If search engines’ goal is to show the user what is most relevant, the title has the responsibility of quickly indicating that on that page is what the user wants to know. 

Link Building

Suppose you have already written some academic work. In that case, you probably know that, in the end, it is necessary to put the bibliographical references on which you relied to defend your idea and talk about the matter. 

This serves to give credibility to your work and show a solid foundation that supports what you are defending. 

Search engines see links that lead to other pages in the same way. 

And being popular improves your SEO, in addition to that, it places you at the top of the search ranking. 

Meta Description

On search pages, the site name is usually accompanied by a summary. This is called a meta description. 

This is to help users get a quick idea of ​​what they can find on your site. In other words, it is the way you are going to persuade that person to click on your link. 

As I told you before, it is difficult for a user to go to the second page of search results. Much of it concentrates on the results that are at the beginning of the first page. 

Therefore, having an interesting and direct meta description is important to attract the attention of those who are looking for something. 


Keep your site URL simple and easy to remember. This way, you will help both search engines and users.


Despite being a visual content, we use keywords on the search site whenever we search for an image. 

So the way to name the images is also an SEO technique. Therefore, once again, you have to use keywords to name your images and subtitles next to the photo. 

It is important to pay attention to the HTML code of the image.

When for x reason, the image of a site does not load, there is the option that an alternative text appears. 

Google also identifies text as an important image description information and considers text in search results. 

Remember to always provide an alternative text with the keywords next to the image. 

7 Most Common Content Marketing Mistakes

When I began to undertake, I was terrified of losing credibility with the public. 

I felt inside a dark room looking for some direction.

How do I know if I am not making a mistake that can destroy my image?

Or have attitudes with which you can waste money and time. 

I committed many of them, and others I learned to avoid them knowing the experiences of entrepreneurs in recent years.  

Before you make your own mistakes, learn with people.

Your navel is not the center of the world.

That is essential to understand. The content should be thought from the preferences and the importance it represents for your audience. 

It is no use for a bank to talk and talk about investments, tax rates. Would make most customers sleepy. 

Write for your audience and not for yourself. 

Otherwise, you will spend money, time, even concentrating on publications that deal with company issues, without thinking about what the audience would like to consume. 

Be everything at the same time.

Segmenting content, according to your target audience, is a good tactic. Even more, if your company operates in several markets with different products. 

If you talk about culinary, culture, sports, and lifestyle, you may lose some fan bases.

The quinoa soup recipe may not be of interest to those looking for kayaks to paddle. 

What’s done is better than what’s perfect.

Many companies are slow to develop their content marketing strategy, hoping that something perfect will come out. 

The market is very dynamic, and while you are thinking, your competition can go ahead and come up with a similar idea. 

The excellent is the enemy of the good. Focus on goals that you can achieve and try to improve your strategies to produce the following content. 

Do not create an email list.

A properly segmented email list is the greatest asset a business can have.

Building your digital venture, without generating leads, is like building your house on rented land. 

In the list lies the security that all your customers will receive your communication directly, without paying more. 

Divide the email addresses into lists to personalize the content that each customer will receive. Then evaluate the results. 

Quantity is not better than quality.

Producing content can improve your business and bring great benefits to your company. 

Many entrepreneurs want to gain space at all costs and start producing content non-stop. That does not work. 

Producing five pieces of content per week relevant to your audience is much more effective than publishing twenty pieces of content in the same period.

The central point of your work should be the consumer; profits will be the result. 

Worry about the sale

The main goal of content marketing is to inform your audience. 

Forcing an action to speed up the sales process is not recommended. 

Remember that it is a long-term strategy. You do not want to appear like a company that seeks excess profit and neglects the client’s welfare. 

Ignore Google

Search mechanisms leave clues of what your audience is interested in knowing. 

Your content should simplify people’s lives, solve their fears and problems. 

Research what clients face in the branch of the market that you act and think of how you can help solve each case. 

People speak of their needs daily. You must listen to them. 

How To Rightly Use Digital Marketing For Your Business

With the number of strategies circulating on the web, seeking advice on digital marketing to improve your campaigns is a commitment that you must acquire as your business manager.

This is valid for any objective set. 

Whether it is to position, generate leads, convert sales, or bring the brand closer to the public, there is no way to stop prioritizing digital environments.

The Internet is the place where you meet your person; you work on the notoriety of your business and awaken your public’s interest in the solutions you offer.

It is not that offline channels have no value, but it is undeniable that digital marketing is currently a mandatory field of knowledge for entrepreneurs.

So, take advantage of this list with some tips on digital marketing and chart your actions so that your business grows healthy.

Define correctly who your person

First of all, ask yourself the following question: Are my actions aimed at the most suitable people?

For both traditional marketing strategies and digital marketing, you must know who you are talking to.

The best digital marketing strategies are based on the details that make up the personality of consumers.

Then your first step is to characterize them.

The buyer personas represent your ideal client and can be created by researching and interviewing your business’s target audience.

Your group (the subjects of your research) should be made up of: clients, potential clients, and people outside of your database but who resemble your target audience.

The information must be based on real data.

Making assumptions can lead your strategy in the wrong direction.

To build your people, you have to consider aspects such as location, position, income, hobbies, objectives, and challenges.

Always keep your site updated

When you hear about a new product or brand, is one of the first things you do is look for it on the internet?

This is a common practice today.

Your company’s site is the virtual representation of your business or physical store, and many times, the consumer’s first contact with your product or service.

Therefore, having a site with updated content is essential to get the attention of that potential customer.

At the same time, you can get them to browse more pages on your site, get to know your company and identify with it.

Inside the mobile world

With smartphones, we can say that the mobile era began.

Consumers are increasingly making decisions and buying through cell phones.

But what many companies have not yet learned is that the key to success in reaching consumers is to provide them with positive user experience on such mobile devices.

In this way, the first step is for your site to have a responsive design.

This allows the visualization of the contents to be adapted to any type of campaign.

Make a good marketing plan

In addition to knowing where you want to go, it is necessary to have detailed planning of the strategies you will apply along the way.

It is the one that will guide you to follow the most appropriate course, that is, the one you identified in your market studies and other tools.

Remember that this is a flexible document, that is, open to alterations when you consider it pertinent.

Have a blog

Having a blog is essential for your site to obtain a better ranking in search engines.

It also helps generate more traffic.

It is a way to answer your audience’s questions naturally, showing that your company has authority in the matter.