7 Most Common Content Marketing Mistakes

When I began to undertake, I was terrified of losing credibility with the public. 

I felt inside a dark room looking for some direction.

How do I know if I am not making a mistake that can destroy my image?

Or have attitudes with which you can waste money and time. 

I committed many of them, and others I learned to avoid them knowing the experiences of entrepreneurs in recent years.  

Before you make your own mistakes, learn with people.

Your navel is not the center of the world.

That is essential to understand. The content should be thought from the preferences and the importance it represents for your audience. 

It is no use for a bank to talk and talk about investments, tax rates. Would make most customers sleepy. 

Write for your audience and not for yourself. 

Otherwise, you will spend money, time, even concentrating on publications that deal with company issues, without thinking about what the audience would like to consume. 

Be everything at the same time.

Segmenting content, according to your target audience, is a good tactic. Even more, if your company operates in several markets with different products. 

If you talk about culinary, culture, sports, and lifestyle, you may lose some fan bases.

The quinoa soup recipe may not be of interest to those looking for kayaks to paddle. 

What’s done is better than what’s perfect.

Many companies are slow to develop their content marketing strategy, hoping that something perfect will come out. 

The market is very dynamic, and while you are thinking, your competition can go ahead and come up with a similar idea. 

The excellent is the enemy of the good. Focus on goals that you can achieve and try to improve your strategies to produce the following content. 

Do not create an email list.

A properly segmented email list is the greatest asset a business can have.

Building your digital venture, without generating leads, is like building your house on rented land. 

In the list lies the security that all your customers will receive your communication directly, without paying more. 

Divide the email addresses into lists to personalize the content that each customer will receive. Then evaluate the results. 

Quantity is not better than quality.

Producing content can improve your business and bring great benefits to your company. 

Many entrepreneurs want to gain space at all costs and start producing content non-stop. That does not work. 

Producing five pieces of content per week relevant to your audience is much more effective than publishing twenty pieces of content in the same period.

The central point of your work should be the consumer; profits will be the result. 

Worry about the sale

The main goal of content marketing is to inform your audience. 

Forcing an action to speed up the sales process is not recommended. 

Remember that it is a long-term strategy. You do not want to appear like a company that seeks excess profit and neglects the client’s welfare. 

Ignore Google

Search mechanisms leave clues of what your audience is interested in knowing. 

Your content should simplify people’s lives, solve their fears and problems. 

Research what clients face in the branch of the market that you act and think of how you can help solve each case. 

People speak of their needs daily. You must listen to them.