You already noticed that lead management demands a lot of attention and work, right?

Due to the number of details involved and working with different profiles, which require specific strategies, your keyword must be organization. 

In short: a sequence of actions planned for the proper management of the leads in your business.

Integrate leads into your business culture

Unless you are the only one in the business, it is necessary that the understanding and knowledge about the leads be assimilated by all who will get involved in the tasks. 

Explain the concept, ensure that everyone understands its importance, defines goals, individual and collective actions.

And so, together, as a team, they will be able to overcome all the stages of attracting leads and selling. 

Don’t put technology aside.

Abandon any form of manual control, especially on paper. 

That little list, where you write down customer data, is useless in lead management. 

You need a CRM solution, which stands for Customer Relationship Management. 

This tool allows you to automate many of the tasks necessary to manage leads. 

Encourage what works

With the information in your hands about your leads’ preferences and interests, keep investing in marketing in the channels where they like to be. 

It also offers them relevant content, taking into account their tastes and how they prefer to receive it.

Quick interaction

Never lose a single interaction effort from your lead. 

If he contacted you on any platform, commented on social networks, or asked you to include him in the newsletter, do it quickly. 

Quick attention conveys security is important to you. 

Spend time with leads

A mistake made by beginners is to forget about leads as soon as they are captured.

Understand that you have completed one of the most difficult stages from the moment you have contact with a lead. 

Leads need “honey.” Take care of them and feed them, followed by valuable information. 

Measure your results

Like everything else in the digital marketing universe, it is essential to check if your actions are working or not. 

If necessary, you will have subsidies to adapt your strategies. 

Do not forget to calculate the Return on Investment, the Cost of Customer Acquisition, the Conversion Rate, among other metrics. 

The importance of the quality of a lead

Similarly, a visitor alone does not mean anything in terms of practical results; the existence of a lead is justified by the expectation of turning it into a customer. 

Therefore, having a giant lead base is not necessarily an advantage for your business. 

Your competition may have 10 times less, but it manages them better.

After capturing leads, their qualification is an essential stage of your strategy. 

Look at the figure of the sales funnel to better understand the idea.

If you don’t remove barriers to entry, instigating your leads to advance to the next level, the base will never be populated. 

And it is this that is waiting for your effective clients. 

It is not difficult to repeat: your strategy needs to separate the leads and give them the appropriate treatment in their due time and situation.

The group with the greatest tendency towards conversion deserves your attention, and of course, without neglecting others. 

If you are more concerned with quantity than quality, you show that you have not yet understood what a lead is. 

There is no single recipe for success, but of course, it helps a lot to deliver content in the exact measure, without drowning the lead in a sea of ​​meaningless messages. 

Every lead is an opportunity. Don’t lose sight of it.